Tuesday, December 12

Musica Salsa?

Sarah and I had been invited no less than 2 dozen times to go Salsa dancing while at JBU. For one reason or another, we have never gone. Sometimes we were busy, sometimes we were tired, once I decided to propose to her instead of going with a group after the Brady-Herschberger wedding. Anyway, every Monday night, at Hebrew University in Jerusalem there are Salsa dancing lessons available for anyone who wants to come. We have some friends from church who go occasionally and they invited us to join them, so last night we set out.

One thing that I have learned, it is difficult to get around on public transportation when the maps, signs, and other info is in a foreign language. We spent at least 4 hours getting around Jerusalem by bus, taxi, and on foot yesterday, and so by 9pm, when the class commenced we were already tired.

In addition, the friends that we thought would be there were not there, nor was anyone we recognized. Sarah and I sat in the lobby from about 8:45 until 9:00, not saying a word, just watching lots of people come in, not hearing anyone speak English, and starting to wonder if we shouldn't leave right then. In fact, at about 2 minutes until 9, I looked over at Sarah (who was making a face as if someone had just asked her to ingest a slug) and asked if she was feeling like I was, that is, feeling like we should just get up a leave. She said yes, but we both agreed that we would regret it if we did, so we stayed.

Really, it was a great time. There was lady who was teaching the basic basics, just for beginners. She spoke English (as, it seems, do most Israelis). We learned and practiced the basic steps for about 90 minutes, met a few people, promised to come back, and left with an interest in developing our new ability.

Now this story may not seem significant to you, but it is. I am a big wimp, were I there alone, I would have hightailed it out of there. There were no less than 6 times during the day that I had decided I didn't want to go to this place with a bunch of people that didn't know me and make a fool out of myself, and I know Sarah felt the same way. However, because we were both thinking of each other instead of ourselves, we pretended to be excited until we actually were.

By the way: anybody have good suggestions for some Salsa music that I could download, enjoy listening to, and dance to? Muchas Gracias!


Hannah said...

Do you want anything German or otherwise for Christmas, (but remember by "otherwise," I mean "Austrian").

Hannah said...

Do you want anything German or otherwise for Christmas, (but remember by "otherwise," I mean "Austrian").

Daniel said...

I've heard that Ricky Martin guy plays good Salsa music. I can't back that up though.