Wednesday, October 27

"i'm a woman!"

a couple days ago, we reached a big milestone with hiba. she is officially out of gummy bears. this means that when she goes pee-pee in the potty, she doesn't get a reward. she just has to do it now, like mommy and daddy. she was pretty excited about this.

today on our way to mops, we stopped to get gas. i was talking to hiba about something completely unrelated to going to the bathroom, which she informed me that she had underwear on. i told her that i know. she then told me that she doesn't get a gummy bear anymore, she just goes to the potty, like mommy and daddy. to this i replied something to the effect of "yes, that's so great, hiba! that's because you are such a big girl!".

to which she replied, "no, i'm not a big girl. i am all grown up now. i'm a woman!"

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Mandy said...

That is too cute! Thanks for sharing!!