Tuesday, September 21

on miscommunications

i have a friend who recently said she likes to start blog posts about single subjects with "on xyz". i like it too. it makes me feel sophisticated and like i'm writing something deep and important.

so anyway, i think that in general jason and i have pretty good communication skills. we tend to be good listeners and are able to communicate our points to each other. but every once in a while, there's a little glitch.

like sunday, for example. we are in the middle of potty training hiba. on sunday, she wanted to wear underwear to church instead of her pull-up. so, we let her. jason was working in the nursery anyway, so we figured it'd be a good outing for her to be out of her pull-up. she did great - even used the bathroom there once, which is a huge deal because she's usually scared of public bathrooms - but at the end, right before we were about to leave, she peed in her pants. so, jason went to change her. i hadn't packed any extra underwear, because i figured that if she had an accident at church, she should just wear a pull-up for the rest of the time. jason thought that might be confusing for her. he told me this. i didn't really think much of his comment.

so fast forward to nap time. jason was going to put hiba down for a nap and asked me if she was all ready, if she had a pull-up on. i said, yeah, she's ready. go ahead and put her down. so he did.

a few minutes later, we heard hiba calling. we ignored her. then she said "i got poopoo on my bed". bleh. so jason got up to go change her, thinking he would find a little poop on her sheets.

instead, he found hiba standing in her bed with a pile of poop next to her, which had fallen out of her shorts. because in fact, she did not have a pull-up on.

apparently, when jason told me that it would be confusing for her to wear underwear sometimes and a pull-up sometimes, he meant he didn't put a pull-up on her. and when he asked if she was ready for her nap, he meant did i put a pull-up on her since we've been home. he figured that was obvious because if he was asking, it meant she hadn't had a pull-up on earlier. i totally missed all of that.

so we had a good laugh, cleaned hiba up, changed the sheets and put her back to bed. it's good to be reminded that we can't read each other's minds, even when we have the best of intentions.

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