Thursday, August 26

on a lighter note...

hiba is funny. hilarious, actually. sometimes she knows it, sometimes she doesn't. here are some of her latest quotes...

hiba: mommy, look, there is a c, p, and m.
me: oh yeah?
hiba: yes. say i'm so smart, mommy.
me: hiba, you are such a smart girl.
hiba: no, just say i'm so smart.
me: you're so smart.
hiba: i am, huh?

me: hiba, why did you hit matthias?
hiba: umm...well, because i don't like matthias in me and daddy's house. i don't like him in my house.
me: well, tough luck. he's here to stay.

hiba, in response to dropping an entire bowl of cheerios all over the floor: well, that's a bummer!

jason, to hiba after she went to the bathroom in the toilet: wow, hiba! i'm so proud of you! you are such a big girl!
hiba: now i can play rugby!!!
jason: huh?
hiba: you said i can play rugby when i'm a bigger. i'm a big girl now, so i can play rugby!

hiba: stay still! don't move!! do you understand me?!? do you understand? yes or no???
(this was said to a door that was closing a little bit....)

hiba, to me as i came out of the bathroom: mommy, did you go pee-pee in the potty like hiba does? wow, mommy! you are such a big girl! i am so proud of you! do you want candy?


Tim and Randi Weigle said...

i just laughed so hard at all of those!! she's too funny!

Stefanie said...

More posts like this, please. Pretty please with a cherry on top.