Wednesday, November 5

Human Life-When does it matter?

 I found myself checking during my lunch break today, in order to read about the results of the election last night, to see what people were saying in other parts of the world, and to feel connect to what is happening in the US right now. I imagine cnn had (and will continue to have) a huge amount of traffic today due to the election. While I was looking around, I noticed this headline. 

As I read the story that this headline led me to I learned a few things.
-At least 20 rockets had been fired into Israel from Gaza last night and today
-The Israel Air Force carried out a number of attacks in Gaza
-Six Palestinians were killed

Now, let's say that you were required to write a headline for an article that included these three pieces of information. What would matter the most to you? What would you include in the headline in order to get people's attention? Imagine the average reader of an American newspaper: what would get him or her to click on that story. Don't worry about what you think the write answer should be, think about what would catch the average person's attention.

Have you thought about it?

Now, pretend instead that 6 Israeli's were killed in the rocket attacks. What would you put in your headline now? 

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Stefanie said...

I was pretty sure your post was going to be about the results of the election. It is very refreshing and a good perspective reminder that it was not.