Monday, June 23

we're still here

so this update is a little overdue. sorry about that. we'll try to post more often now that we have something to post about.

hiba is growing every day. she is now a little over two months. she is a very happy baby - always smiling, hardly ever crying, loves being around people, and in the last few days has become very vocal. it's like she's just discovered she can make loud noises, not just "coos". so cute. we are having tons of fun with her. her latest accomplishments include sleeping through the night (that's actually not so new, thanks to the miracle blanket), holding her head steady when we hold her up up on our shoulders, lifting her head while on her stomach (although she hates tummy time...but if she's laying on jason, she'll hold her head up), saying "gaa" when she's not actually just swallowing spit-up while trying to talk, and yesterday jason heard her say "ba". basically, she's a genius.

other than hiba, our lives are more of the same as ever. i (sarah) go back to work on monday. i'm only working part time and i'll take hiba with me, so it will be interesting to see how that goes. paidia has been pretty busy this summer, between planning for summer camps (which start next month), finishing up the spring programs, trying to keep settlers away, and planning for next fall. we're both taking arabic lessons, which are going well. i realized i need to get serious about learning arabic, because otherwise hiba and jason will be able to talk and plot together without me understanding.

well, that's a brief update on our lives. here are the links to some photo albums of hiba. i hope you enjoy them!

Some more of Hiba

More Hiba

Hiba Michelle


Nathan Dannison said...

Hi Jason and Sarah -
My name is Nathan - I'm currently living and working in Beit Sahour. I'd like to get a hold of you to talk about Osh Ghorab Park - hopefully in the next day or two.
I'm here (partially) to begin construction on a couple of projects for Playgrounds for Palestine and I was wondering if you had any free time. Please feel free to email me at dannison (at) gmail (dot) com or give me a call - 0545828621.

Anonymous said...

hey guys...cindy crowder here. just wanted to get in touch with you about someone in your area that i think you would be interested in knowing if you don't already. what is your email address? email me at

much love from OK! Cindy