Thursday, March 27

things that don't surprise me

-hearing rustling outside my window and looking out to see a heard of sheep and a couple of shepherds just hanging out.
-cars driving the wrong way down one-way streets
-cars driving backwards the wrong way down one-way streets (but facing the correct direction)
-hearing arabic all around me
-traffic jams that are caused by someone getting out to talk to a friend while leaving his or her car in the middle of the road
-driving down the main road in bethlehem and passing a guy riding a donkey
-having (at least) three different grocery stores that i go to to get my weekly grocery shopping done
-not having ice cream in the winter
-things that should take five minutes taking an afternoon

i wish that i had pictures to go with these. but blogger is being a pain in the butt with uploading pictures, plus our camera batteries aren't working so great. but i'll post pictures when i can. because these are the things that are now my everyday life. and it's not strange anymore, it's just life. and i've learned that if i really think of us living here, nothing i see or hear really surprises me anymore.

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