Monday, December 31

we are kind of crazy

saturday night, we got up at 3 am (so i guess really sunday morning) to watch the patriots play football.

last night, jason and i stayed up till the wee hours of the morning playing cards because neither one of us wanted to forfeit.

it's been fun though. i really like vacation time.

on another note, we got some goodies from my parents via some friends visiting bethlehem. 2 lbs. of cheddar cheese and five packages of freeze dried bacon, plus other little goodies. i'm trying not to eat all of the cheese in one day. we had scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese and bacon for breakfast this morning and it was divine.

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Hannah said...

What was the card game? Even though it's not the same, I'm imagining you on your bed in the drafty upstairs room at HoH, making drinks and eating pretzels. Ha. And maybe me using all the olive oil and zatar on toasted pitas. (Is that even the right name for that bread? My mind fails).