Friday, September 28

Allright, finally you all will be graced with glorious pictures of the beautiful land of Palestine. Last weekend, Sarah, Andrew, Eman, Lindsay, and I went hiking through a valley called Wadi Akhratoon. The purpose of this hike was to take pictures and map out a route for an alternative tourism program that we are putting together to raise money for Paidia. Fortunately, we also got to hike through a gorgeous Wadi and spend about an hour or an hour and half caving.

The view at the beginning of the hike

About halfway through, this is what most of landscape looks like.

Inside some old monsastic ruins, which are everywhere along this hike

Fresh and clean before entering the cave

After caving. Apparently Sarah's shirt is dirt-repellent. Mine is not.


Hannah said...

awesome dirt repellent shirt, s

Leah said...

seriously! i love the comparison... you guys coming to london for new years?