Monday, March 26

my new love

don't worry, it's not another man. it's scooters. i love them.

when we first talked about coming over here, we joked about getting a scooter. like made fun of them a lot, because compared to a motorcycle, they're pretty dorky and jason wasn't really going for that. once we got here and saw how many people drive them, we reconsidered our stance. i mean, they're still pretty dorky, but then again, maybe dorkiness should be defined in a cultural sense, and if so, then scooters are really cool.

erich and candice have been in the states for almost a month and they erich is letting jason borrow his scooter. we took it into jerusalem today to look at buying one. and i love it. first, it's way better than riding busses. and second, it's way better than driving a car. think of any driving law. here's a few: don't drive on the sidewalk; stay on your side of the road; don't pass people at stoplights; don't drive in the middle of the road; wait your turn at stop signs; don't pass people on the shoulder. none of those apply if you're driving a scooter. basically as long as you keep your lights on and wear a helmet, if you can fit through, go ahead and drive there. coming back to bethlehem from the old city there is a lot of construction and on the buses it takes a good hour to get back in bad traffic. well, the traffic was bad and we were back to the house of hope in twenty minutes. we were weaving in between cars, riding on the sidewalks, cutting up to the front of the line at every stoplight. and people in the cars don't care. they actually seem to leave space for us to fit through. it's so fun.

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miss you all