Thursday, September 28


One question I have heard a lot since I've been here is "is it what you expected?" I have a very hard time answering that question because I really don't know what I expected. I have discovered, however, that there are some things about the US that I miss more than I thought I would, there are also some things that I miss less than I thought I would. That is as close as I can come to answering the question about expecations, so here's what I think.

Things I miss more than expected:
Singing praise songs in English with the saints
Playing basketball or rugby (or other physical competition)
Old Spice: High Endurance
Our bed (caboose, watch yourself)
Premium coffee
Pastor Dave's sermons
Rain (not a drop since we've been here)

Things I miss less than expected:
Watching sports
My bike (don't tell her I said this)
Daily showers
Having a car available to me
Hamburgers (falafels are a more than adequate replacement)
Changing my clothes everyday
Every weekend off

Things I miss as much as expected:
My friends and family (I really miss them a lot, just as I thought)
Christian Radio



Ramonsito said...

The rainy season in Portland rapidly approaches. Feel free to borrow some of our precipitation when you're feeling nostalgic.

Anonymous said...

Jason... not sure if you remember, but hopefully you do... its jenae... Jacob (Tank's) younger sister. I was only at JBU for 2 years and then went on to Christ for the Nations in Dallas. I'm still in Dallas working at church... and just went to Israel last April!!! My church is huge on praying for Israel... and we rent an apartment in Jerusalem and are associated with the House of Prayer there... Succat Hallel, run by Rick Ridings. Anyways... its sooo awesome to hear you guys are in Israel!!!! I am really planning on coming next summer to the OnethingJerusalem!!! You guys should for sure go and invite everyone that you know... it will be ammmazing! Anyways... I will add you guys to the believers in the land that we pray for every Tuesday morning!!!!
Be Blessed!!!!! Jenae