Thursday, August 10

As Promised Grand Canyon Update and Pictures

Since I know that you are all waiting with bated breath to hear how our visit to the Grand Canyon went, I suppose that we can stop keeping y'all in suspense and just let it out. We arrived at the Canyon in the evening of August 1. This was a day later than we had planned because we decided to hang out in Cali with brandon for an extra day. After we set up camp, we went out to the rim and I got to see the Grand Canyon for the first time in my life. Sarah walked me up to the edge of the rim with my eyes closed (as I tried to walk as slowly as possible so I wouldn't go off the edge) when I opened my eyes, it was one of the most magnificent things I had ever seen. It literally (and I don't mean literally the way most people mean, it actually happened) brought tears to my eyes. We got to stick around for the sunset and saw some beautiful views.

There was a rainbow going into the Canyon when we first got there.

After we waited around for a while, the sun started to set behind the rim, and rain started moving in, which created some really interesting views. There will be some more sunset pictures on our photo album as well.

One thing I did not know about the Grand Canyon is that they want to scare the heck out of all of their visitors. In every bookstore they sell a book that is the size of a dictionary and is entitled The Canyon of Death. It contains lots and lots of stories of people dying at Grand Canyon NP in all kinds of horrifyingly painful ways. There are also signs all over the park that tell stories of people who have died or almost died while hiking in the Canyon. I think the purpose is to get people to recognize their limits and take lots of water when they hike. The impact is to keep people on the rim. During our time their we decided to cut our one excursion into the canyone from 7 miles to 5 miles to 3 miles. We could have done 7 not problem.

The last morning, we got up to leave for Ruidoso and we decided to get up really early (4:45am) to see the sun rise over the Canyon. I learned that it is difficult to take good picturs of sun rises, so you'll have to settle for what we got, unless you go there yourself and drag yourself out of bed at 4:45 in the morning.

As you may or may not know. Our 40 days of purposelesness have come to an end. Today is 41 days since we left Siloam and Sarah and I are in my parents' house in Little Rock. In the next couple days we'll let you know about our stay in Austin, TX and provide a bit of a summary of our trip.